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The participating group belongs to the Department of Geodynamics (Geology Faculty, UCM). This scientific group has wide experience in mining restoration, having worked in this topic since 1995. Since 2009 they are developing the GeoFluv – Natural method, for which they are internationally recognized.

The activities and experience of this associated beneficiary's in the area of the proposal range from:

  • Teaching postgraduate courses on Geomorphic Mining Reclamation at two master programs of the Autonomous Region of Madrid (Master en Restauracion de Ecosistemas and Master en Geología Ambiental).
  • Leading national research projects of the Programa Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
  • Leading research contracts with mining companies of Spain and other countries.
  • Leading training courses to mining companies and staff of different administrations (such as regulators in charge of supervising mining reclamation activities) either on geomorphic reclamation, hydrological management and practices to control erosion and sedimentation within mines.
  • Publishing papers in international Journals and mentoring Ph. D. Thesis on this topic.