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The company SIBELCO MINERALES, S.A., belongs to a mining group worldwide located (SIBELCO GROUP) founded in 1872 and headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium).

SIBELCO's core business is the extraction and marketing of industrial minerals with 228 operations in 35 countries across 5 continents and employs over 10,000 people.

With regard to Spain, SIBELCO is the leading producer of silica sand with annual sales of over one million tons. It also produces minerals for the manufacture of ceramic products such as red clay, kaolin, white clay and minerals flour, and high purity dolomite for glass market and cristobalite for manufacturing pieces of engineering stone.

SIBELCO is the concessionaire of mines placed in Ademuz municipality that are object of restoration in TECMINE project and the land owner.

In terms of mine restoration, SIBELCO has been awarded in 2015 by ANEFA (Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Fabricantes de Áridos) for the following restoration projects:

  • Mine "Madroño" (Valencia). Environment Category, 1st award
  • Mine "San Ramón" (Granada). Environment Category, 2nd award
  • Mine "Isabelita" (Cádiz). Environment Category, 1st Biodiversity award and preselected for European UEPG Awards 2016.
  • Mine "Isabelita" (Cádiz). Social Category, 1st award and preselected for European UEPG Awards 2016
  • Mine "Fortuna" (Valencia). Economy Added Value Category, 2nd award