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Expected results

The following results are expected:

  1. 13.6 hectares of forest ecosystem restored
  2. Enhancement of biodiversity (vegetation and wildlife)
  3. Alien species eliminated along the river
  4. Twoo ponds where wildlife is expected to colonize.
  5. Reduction of erosion rates and reduction of sedimentation in the river (RioDeva)
  6. Increase water infiltration and aquifer recharge
  7. Increase of carbon sequestration from plants and soil
  8. Landscape integration
  9. Transferability and replicability of best techniques
  10. Cost-effective solutions for mine restoration
  11. New socio-cultural uses in restored area
  12. Promotion of socio-economic development in the area (jobs, new companies, more visitors, etc.)
  13. Tools to identified and assess the feasibility and suitability of proposed techniques

Who benefit?

Who benefit TECMINE project?



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