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The Center for Environmental Studies of the Mediterranean is a research, development and technological innovation to improve the environment in the Mediterranean Region.

Its activity is focused on providing integrated proposals for environmental management in the area of the atmosphere, ecosystems, human activities, and their interactions. This requires multidisciplinary teams to describe and understand either natural processes and modified by human activities, in order to develop and deliver sustainable management options adapted to Mediterranean conditions.

The CEAM, with its participation in this project brings extensive experience in forestry research, particularly in the analysis of ecosystems response to degradation conditions, evaluation of forest management techniques and characterization and CO2 content evaluation of forest soils.

The group has participated in several European research projects:

REMECOS, DELFI, LUCIFER, REDMED, EUFIRELAB, CREOAK, GEORANGE, SPREAD, MEDRAP, REACTION, LIFE, EcoQuarry, CIRCE, FUME, PRACTICE, CASCADE in this latest project novel techniques are applied assessment of ecosystem services.