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Actions and progress

The TECMINE project is ongoing!


The project is divided in different technical actions:

  1. Morphology restoration by the implementation of different techniques such as GeoFluvTM, with focus on identifying and replicating a reference scenario (similar characteristics of lithology, climate and soil) and managing water flows in order to reduce erosion.
  2. Rock slopes landscape integration by techniques based on identifying instabilities and acting on them to eliminate long-term risks by seeking the geotechnical stability of the strata.
  3. New top soil creation by mixing the material available in the mine (i.e. sand, clay and colluvium) and adding organic matter.
  4. Site preparation for plants by new Microcatchment to maximize water availability for plants which is the main limiting factor in ecological restoration in Mediterranean region.
  5. Plantation of 10.000 plants of 32 different species and creation of 8 new habitat types (3 priority habitats: 9530, 9560 and 6220)

Along the project, different communication actions are planned such as technical conferences, open days, informative talks, educational activities, etc., to disseminate mine restoration practices, transfer knowledge and change opinion on negative aspects of mining activity.

We are working on

  1. Execute mine restoration. We have already built the new landscape morphology and prepared the land for plantation. Now we are planting and creating new habitats.
  2. Organize the first meeting of the Project Network, with representatives of LIFE projects related to mines and restoration

Next events

  • In April we will meet with other LIFE projects
  • In April we will receive the visit of students of the Degree in Environmental Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
  • In May we will receive the visit of the Official College of Technical Engineers and Degrees in Mines and Energy of the East-South.